桜を家庭で育てよう!(Cultivating Sakura at home for beginner)

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Because this article Category in this Blog is [Japanese Style],

so I am writing down the contents for foreigners in Japanese and English!

If you have started study Japanese ,it might be good practice to read.

伝統の日本を象徴する桜(Sakura/Cherry blossoms indicating Traditional Japan)



The one of Flower language of Sakura,[Spiritual Beauty].

I personally feel this words harmonize with Japanese character which are fond of spiritualism since long ago.



Especially as it was told that Spiritual Beauty is Samurai Soul in the age of Samurai rule, not only martial artists can feel it ,

but also whoever can feel it anywhere, for instance, the business scene like service trade ,business manner or the way of work progress..etc.


桜を家庭で育てる(Cultivating Sakura/Cherry blossoms at home)



This time I have started to cultivate Cherry Blossom(Sakura) at home.

This is a kind of my dream as Japanese personally.



However I am not live in the house which has enough size garden which can cultivate big Sakura as we can see on the road,

but live in apartment house which has small Veranda deck. Therefore I had started to seek small Sakura which can cultivate even in this environment.


Besides I`m a beginner of home-cultivation(XD)


I summarized how to Sakura-cultivate as 3 STEP, even the beginner can do like me as follows.

  1. 育てやすい品種の選定(The selection of Race which can grow easily.)
  2. 家庭で桜を育てるうえでの準備物と注意すべき点(The preparation and precaution to cultivate Sakura/Cherry blossoms at home)
  3. 実際の植樹と日々の管理(Actual potting and daily administration for good cultivation.)

1.育てやすい桜品種の選定(The selection of Sakura/Cherry blossoms Race which can grow easily)





General Sakura which we can see on the Japanese street is

Yoshino cherry (Prunus yedoensis), Prunus kanzakura, Kawazu-cherry blossoms, Cerasus Sato-zakura Group…etc ,

but it is too difficult to cultivate in pot at home, so we should select the race which does not grow too big.

We can raise following race,

  • 旭山桜(Asahiyama-sakura)
  • 十月桜(Rosebud cherry ‘Autumnalis’)
  • しだれ桜(Shidare-zakura)


I have been cultivating 「Asahiyama-Sakura」 due to the flower color and the ease for beginner like me.


2.家庭で桜を育てるうえでの準備物と注意すべき点(The preparation and precaution to cultivate Sakura/Cherry blossoms at home)


実は家庭用桜でも寒さに強い(Actually even the mini-sakura for home cultivating, it is strong against cold temperature)


so it is more preferable putting the Sakura outside than indoor.


After know that ,I also have been started to put outside since around 15th,Feb when it became full-bloom.


But Sakura is weak for afternoon sun, (in my case actually the edge of leaf was easy to wither)


so it is safe to put at the shade in veranda or cover by something.





Basically watering should be 1 time/Day, but now is winter, so if you felt watered  too much, you can water 1 time/2Day.


Summer time seems to be OK to water 2 times/Day.


(Even I remove it in taking picture,)but The balance of watering can be controlled easily by this

【SUSTEE】というアイテムで調整できます。item whish is named 【SUSTEE】

Highly recommend because it can be easily tell us the balance and timing of watering by showing dryness with the maker of Blue(Wet)・White(Dry) like litmus paper.
Not just applicable only for several times .it can keeps using 1 year.
Even after used it up. the refill is also sold as follows.


【土・植え替え (Soil ・ Transplantation)】


Incase we purchase Mini-sakura when it is nursery plant,

basically it does not need Transplantation more than 1 year. (depends on its nursery plant condition),


but because I personally feel plant is easier to grow through rich soil nutrition(fertilization also be easier) ,


so I have transplanted after one month since purchased it.


regarding Soil at that time,


generally it is often said that「Blend red soil aggregate with Kanuma pumice~」,but basically you can select whichever sold as blended soil for kitchen garden.


In my case ,at this time intentionally selected 「 Charcoal 」culture soil.


Because it is best for beginner and soil to keep best condition of pH, Air-Water balance and Bacterial environment in soil.

【炭培養土/Charcoal culture soil】(14L)


Because I have used soil 6L this time, above soil will be too much(14L),if you have any cultivation plan this can be used. (Effective for almost any plant)

3.実際の植樹と日々の管理(Actual potting and daily administration for good cultivation.)


From here ,I will introduce based on actual cultivation record.



Then, herein I wrote the cultivation diary as following,

it has already passed almost 2 months (since I welcomed nursery plant to my home).


-育成初日-(The first day of the cultivation)


【6th,Feb】the begin of home-sakura cultivation. As this picture, at this time we can see only small bud.


Outside was midwinter, so I had keep putting it indoor.(it was put outside only sunny afternoon)

-育成から1週間後-(1 week later since the first day of the cultivation)


【13th,Feb】,it was just 1 week later follow-up,,, but it had been already bloomed,,,


Although outside was midwinter, but because it is indoor cultivation and warm, so it seems to bloom quickly surprisingly.


At this time, I had been pleased as feeling like「Wow! Even now is winter we could see Sakura blooming in advance」・・・


-育成から2週間後-(2 weeks later since the first day of the cultivation)


【20th,Feb(14 days since beginning)】,1 weeks later again ,surprisingly flower had already started falling because it went beyond the peak of full-blossom,,,,


full-blossom was around 15th,Feb actually (I had missed to take a pic)


and felt sad as like 「Even now is still midwinter, but it has already been withering」

-満開から約1か月後-(Approx 1 month later since the full-blossom)


【20th,Mar(44 days since beginning)】,became like this,,,,,!


I would not have taken picture since it had started to withered previously because it is terrible to take a pic.

丁度前回から1か月で、 Just 1 month since previous time,


I had done transplantation because it is too pity,,,, then It got new bud and seems to start blooming again!

If it goes well.it will be twice time to see flower of Sakura during this Winter~Spring season.

-満開から約1か月1週間後-(Approx 1 month 1week later since the full-blossom)


【27th,Mar(51 days since beginning)】,Finally we could see Second Blooming in one season!


After now, I am expecting if we could see second full-blooming or not!



In the conclusion, transplantation with new soil was right, then leave it outside with caring about afternoon sun, also watering enough,

実はたまに色々な料理の時に出る、野菜やフルーツの皮を水に漬けその水を天然の液肥のようにも使っておりました!(ニンジン,Pineapple, broccoli や セロリ などなど…)

Sometimes I dipped the waste peel of vegetable or fruits during cooking in water, and reuse this water for plant as natural fluid fertilizer.(Carrot ,Pineapple, broccoli and celery etc…)

※Too much sugar will induce bad bacteria and mold easily.※

以上でとりあえず健康に育てて行けそうです!As above, anyway it seems that even the beginners can cultivate Sakura!


以上家庭で育てる桜のご紹介でした。That`s all about the introduction of Sakura-cultivation at home as above.


It is told that the tree age of the 3 King of Japanese Sakura trees as National natural monument are beyond 1,000 years old, the maximum age one is estimated as 1,800~2,000 years,


therefore it seems Sakura tree makes us feel so romantic for me.


At first, I am going to promote my skill of home-cultivation,


and someday I would like to cultivate the big Sakura tree if I have possibility.